How Can You Tell if Your Exhaust is Leaking?

Your vehicle's exhaust system is a series of pipes that guide harmful exhaust from your engine out of your vehicle and into the atmosphere. When there's an issue with your exhaust system, it can cause those harmful gases to build up in your passenger cabin, putting both your passengers and yourself at risk.

Whenever you start your engine, the thermal expansion and contraction of your exhaust manifold gasket can create stress, and cause small leaks, which, over time, can get bigger. One tell-tale sign of exhaust problems is exhaust noise. The most obvious of these noises is an occasional popping or hissing noise while your vehicle's engine is running. However, even if there isn't any noise, your exhaust system could have a leak. It's always a good idea to inspect your exhaust system visually in order to find any obvious issues.

If your vehicle was manufactured more than five years ago, it's recommended to have a complete exhaust system inspection done annually. If you believe that your exhaust system may be experiencing problems, or if you just want it checked, then come down to our service center here at Fred Martin of Youngstown in Youngstown, OH today!

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