Difference Between Front and Rear-wheel Drives

Vehicles have front, rear, all or 4-wheel drives. The particular drive system explains which axle receives the power to turn the wheels and move the vehicle. Front-wheel drives are commonly found in newer vehicles and are preferred when encountering icy and snowy roads, as the system provides the power needed to propel the vehicle forward.

However, the system is more susceptible to damage. Rear-wheel drives are commonly created in muscle cars and offer better balance and handling. Many SUVs have all-wheel drives, which gives the vehicle the best characteristics of the front and rear-wheel drives. But, the components are costly, and the drive system dampens the ability to accelerate.

4WD systems enable drivers to provide more power to all of the wheels as needed secondary to adverse road conditions. See our vehicles here at Fred Martin of Youngstown in our showroom and learn more about drive trains and the vehicles right for you.



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