How to Clean Your Car When You're in a Rush

We care about our customers being proud vehicle owners, and we understand that with a busy life you may miss a routine cleaning once in a while. If you have found yourself in a pinch and need to quickly clean the car, you can improve its appearance in 5-10 minutes by following these six steps:

  1. Throw out any trash from inside the car. You can collect it in a plastic bag to make the process faster.
  2. Rinse the car and wheels to clear off as much dirt as possible.
  3. Quickly dry the car by spraying a specialized lubricant and drying agent on a dampened microfiber towel. Use the towel to dry off the car. This process will clean off leftover dirt too.
  4. Take the mats out and shake the dirt and crumbs off if there's no time to vacuum.
  5. Spray a towel with glass cleaner and then scrub your windshield and windows clean. Scrub over the cleaned glass with a dry towel to fully get the cleaner off.
  6. Use a microfiber towel with leather and plastic cleaner to wipe down the center console and dashboard.

Your car will be presentable when you follow the six steps listed above. Although it's not a substitute for a proper cleaning, it's a lifesaver when you need a clean car fast. Whenever you're in the market for a new car, stop by Fred Martin of Youngstown for a test drive.




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