Mercedes-Benz S560 Exterior Features

The Mercedes-Benz S560 has fully earned its reputation as a leading luxury vehicle because of its beautiful style, extraordinary design and many driving capabilities. If you want to know more about this spectacular vehicle, stop by Fred Martin of Youngstown and speak with our highly-qualified specialists.

One of the great features of the Mercedes Benz S560 is its exterior, which is available in more than ten metallic or matte colors. The all-LED lighting is designed in a unique style known only to Mercedes-Benz. Another exciting feature of the new S560 model is the panorama roof, which allows you to view the outdoors as you’re cruising down the highway.

Sometimes seeing is believing, and that’s definitely the case with the Mercedes-Benz S560. Visit our shop in Youngstown and take the S560 out for a test drive. You’ll quickly become a believer!




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