SUV Cargo Loading the Right Way

Does how you load cargo into your SUV matter? It does if you want to do it the right way, which is also a safer way.

Make sure everything is secure, so it doesn't move around. You don't want it to hit you or a passenger or interfere with your ability to see. Speaking of visibility, don't stack your cargo so high that you can't see past it. Here's a tip for the vehicle. Check your tires to make sure the tread is not worn down too low, that there are no clear signs of damage, such as punctures, and that they are properly inflated. If your tires go bad while you're traveling, it's dangerous for you and your cargo.

Need more safe packing tips? Stop by our showroom at Fred Martin of Youngstown. We're conveniently located and have all the SUV cargo loading information you need.



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