Understanding a Blind Spot Monitor

Here at Fred Martin of Youngstown in Youngstown, OH, we make it an effort to provide our customers with information that helps them get the most out of their purchase. Newer models are equipped with advanced safety features that offer excellent protection. A blind spot monitor is a safety feature that is used by many drivers.

A blind spot monitor works by using sensors to detect vehicles that enter your blind spot zones. If a vehicle enters into your blind spot, then the system will warn you that it isn't safe to change lanes. Most blind spot monitors issue visual and audible alerts when a vehicle is detected in the driver's blind spot.

Drivers like blind-spot monitors because they enhance security and reduce the risk of a lane-change collision. According to the IIHS, blind spot monitoring systems reduce the likelihood of lane-change collisions by 14 percent. In addition, they also reduce injuries that occur during lane-change collisions by 23 percent.

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