Virtually all modern vehicles have brake fluid, but exactly what is it? In short, it's a hydraulic fluid that keeps the parts of your braking system functional. Without it, drivers would have a much more difficult time stopping and may even have trouble stopping at all. Here is what it does.

When you depress your brake pedal, this action sets the fluid into motion. Essentially, it causes the calipers to squeeze the rotors, which in turn slow down the wheels and your vehicle. Like other fluids in your car, brake fluids wear down over time and must be changed.

Clean fluid is essentially to your vehicle's safety. Change every year or two at the most and use the proper type. Anti-lock brake systems used glycol-based fluid, while silicone-based fluids are for vehicles without that technology. The staff at Fred Martin of Youngstown will advise on which type is right for you.



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