Mercedes-Benz E 300: Smooth Ride in a Luxurious Sedan

Engineered to offer a pleasant ride on the highway, the Mercedes-Benz E 300 is available for a test drive at Fred Martin of Youngstown. This luxurious full-size sedan runs on robust mechanical systems that deliver reliable power on the road.

The DYNAMIC SELECT technology balances several systems under the hood of this high-end model. With a flip of an electronic switch, you can engage one of four driving settings. The Comfort Mode adjusts the chassis according to the landscape of the highway. The ECO Mode ensures that the engine block operates at low RPM levels as indicated on the tachometer.

When equipped with the optional AIR BODY CONTROL, the E 300 won't be damaged by a rough road. The firmness of the springs and shocks varies in response to the ground. This air suspension system also improves cornering by stabilizing the chassis. Additionally, the optional Selective Damping technology calibrates the shock absorbers.



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