If you're researching safety and driver-assist features, we can help at Fred Martin of Youngstown. Blind spot monitors are one of the most sought out driver-assist features among car shoppers because they can help keep you and your occupants safe when you're on the go.

Many base and mid-level trims offer a blind spot monitor as an available feature, and many of the higher trims are equipped with this as a standard feature. A blind spot monitor will issue visual and/or audible warnings to let you know when a vehicle is rapidly approaching or in your blind spots.

Why are blind spot monitors so popular? Two recent studies reported that lane-keeping systems and blind spot monitors can significantly reduce lane-change fatalities. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that blind spot monitors could have reduced 55,000 injuries and 85,000 lane-change accidents if every car on the road in 2015 had this feature.


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