A vehicle shouldn't veer right or left inexplicably. Nor should tires speak mysteriously. Likely, the wheels are out of alignment, and the problem requires a fix. If not, the chances of uneven tire wear increase. Other problems could result. Thankfully, correcting the issues isn't a difficult job. It is, however, a job a professional must perform.

At a full-service station, mechanics have access to a machine that measures wheel angles. In total, three angles must adhere to manufacturer specifications. If not, tires don't touch the road correctly. The previously mentioned machine measures the angles. If things aren't what they should be, then the mechanic realigns the wheels based on manufacturer specs.

Hitting a pothole or speed bump hard can knock wheels out of alignment. Wear-and-tear on various parts do, too. So, make alignment checks part of regular care.

You can get your wheels and tires aligned at our dealership. The team at the service department can help out.


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