Wisely Maintain Your Belts and Hoses

At Fred Martin of Youngstown, we want you to know that your car's belts and hoses are essential to its operation. Maintenance of these components is very important.

The average vehicle on American roads has a timing belt, a serpentine belt and coolant hoses. Your car needs its timing belt to keep its pistons firing at the right time. This directly affects your vehicle's ability to motivate. If your timing belt goes, your car won't. Meanwhile, your car's serpentine belt runs some of its accessories. Without your serpentine belt, your road trips will be significantly less comfortable. Also under your hood, your coolant hoses maintain your car's safe operating temperature.

Your belts and hoses feature rubber and metal prominently in their construction. These materials may be durable, but they are subject to wear and deterioration. Following manufacturers' recommendations for maintenance and maximum lifespan can help you stay on the road in Youngstown and everywhere you drive.


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