SUVs once had a reputation for being gas hogs, but that's barely true anymore as many highly rated crossovers and SUVs get over 30 MPG. Even if you need a relatively large SUV, it's not hard to find one with decent gas mileage. One of the biggest reasons to get an SUV in Youngstown is simply that they're arguably the most versatile category of vehicles available.

SUVs can do the following:

  •  Tow more
  •  Provide a safer ride in bad road conditions
  •  Carry more people
  •  Store more cargo
  •  Go off the road
  •  Provide a space for your pets
  •  Give you a better view of the road

SUVs these days come in many shapes and sizes. You don't have to just go for a huge, truck-based SUV if you want something smaller. Even small SUVs have a lot of room.

Come test-drive an SUV today at Fred Martin of Youngstown.


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