Did you know that all the sporting gear in your car's trunk harms the fuel economy? Extra weight burns additional gas, and so do other things. Driving a little too fast accelerates fuel burning. Cost-conscious car owners need to realize they will waste a lot of money when not following useful tips for fuel efficiency.

Bringing your car to Fred Martin of Youngstown for routine service can help the cause. A tuned-up engine, properly inflated tires, using the right motor oil, and changing the air filter all contribute to better gas mileage. Don't delay when it comes to routine service suggestions.

Driving a little less or more efficiently help. Going from work to home to the store and back to home adds miles, which means more fuel consumption. Why not go from work to the store to home? Be more efficient.

We welcome you to service your vehicle at our dealership in Youngstown. Schedule a service appointment right away and start getting better mileage and performance.


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