The Service Center at Fred Martin of Youngstown is Ready for Your Unique Mercedes-Benz

A luxury car lineup as deep and varied as the Mercedes-Benz models at Fred Martin of Youngstown demands a Service Center staffed by technicians ready to handle the unique maintenance that is sometimes required. Our factory-certified technicians are ready and willing to handle these unique assignments.

Mercedes-Benz Convertibles

Nothing brings car drivers closer to nature on a warm Youngstown day than a convertible. These cars also sometimes require specialized service. Our technicians can diagnose and repair any issues that arise with the mechanisms that safely lower and stow the roof of your Mercedes-Benz convertible. After all, those are the very components that allow your convertible to do what the name suggests!

Our Service Department also repair the seals and gaskets that keep inclement weather outside of the Mercedes-Benz--where it belongs--when the top is up and in place.

Mercedes-Benz Hybrid Cars

Many manufacturers are focused on creating hybrid vehicles, and Mercedes-Benz is no exception. The electric motors in Youngstown hybrids combine with the traditional gas engine to provide power and lengthen fuel mileage. Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid motors require special service to maintain their performance. Our technicians are familiar with Mercedes-Benz hybrid cars, and will keep the electric motor running strong alongside the gas motor.

Mercedes-Benz Sports Cars

The raw power and performance is what draws Youngstown drivers to a Mercedes-Benz sports car. We understand, and we know how to inspect the handcrafted AMG® 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine that powers some of the fastest models at Fred Martin of Youngstown. We keep the engine tuned at optimum factory conditions so you'll always be able to access every bit of the available 603 horsepower when you need it.

Why Mercedes-Benz Service?

- certified technicians
- genuine parts
- state of the art facility
- manufacturer backed warranties
- valet service & loaners
- roadside assist
- convenient hours

The Fred Martin of Youngstown Service Department specializes in car service and repair of every Mercedes-Benz model. The next time your Mercedes-Benz needs service on specialized components, see us first!